Challenge: Can you green up your adventures?

I've been wanting to hike the Pacific Crest Trail for years. After a summer of tree planting in 2013, step step plant... step step plant... cut blocks being my bread and butter daily. Stunning views beyond the slash piles in the distance. If I could find enjoyment in the repetition of that environment, I decided that a through hike across less damaged land with jaw dropping vistas would be well within my capabilities. Its been 6 years and I've began thinking legistically about the PCT, where to send food (if I send any), what tent to use, north bound or south bound... and I keep getting a bit nervous thinking about some of the waste that could accumulate as I walk across such incredible parts of the USA. 

To take a stab at reality, I am aware that walking along three states without driving is a good way to cut some impact, and I wont be using energy at my house, tons of typical impact will be all but diminished. But other areas are going to be ramped up, and I really really want to find some alternatives before I go.